Monday, May 7, 2012

Archangel Micah Channeling 05-07-12

Archangel Micah

May 5, 2012

Behold there are those who deceive like thieves in the night.  Begin your quest for knowledge.  Quench your thirst for answers in the great waters of your Earth Mother.  The lakes, oceans, streams and rivers house many answers.  Drink in the esoteric knowledge of serendipitous truth.

Ancient texts, artifacts, and lands will reveal themselves to you.  Go deep within and remember the mistakes of civilizations past.

Mother Earth needs balance.  There is discord in the rotation.  She yearns for the days of harmony in nature, peace among the people she has graciously allowed to inhabit her planet, and respect for all living creatures.

As you witness these great changes, choices will bestow upon you.  The grids become crossed.  Many portray themselves as prophets offering salvation.  Salvation is within, my dear ones. 

Division begins to multiply among the great lands.  People band together in groups unformed in years past.  Know thyself.  Remain calm and centered.  The truth lies deep within the core of your soul.

Those who remember their souls are part of the Divine Consciousness and will gather together and join hands as the vibration continues to shift from the 3D to higher dimensions. 

Do not despair as many souls choose to leave your Earth plane in masses.  Multitudes of souls arrived with these contracts, yet many will face confusion as the veils thin.  I call to all light workers to assist your brothers and sisters with remaining balanced.  Talk, teach, write, heal, and share your ancient wisdom with others.  Seek like minds and band together to raise the energetic vibration of your reality.  Light begets light.  Silently, watch and allow the dark forces to disintegrate around you.  The dark masses of soul matter will not be able to penetrate the higher dimensions.  As you draw closer to the shift, it will not be possible to occupy the same space as those of the dark.  Their very essence will repel every fiber of your being.  Learn to read the auric fields that surround each person.  It is now time to begin removing yourselves from energetic vibrations that do not resonate as your own.

Karma will begin to play out in advanced motions of time.  Rejoice as this unfolds!  Sing the choruses of love as you ascend together to dimensions of higher consciousness.  In times of loneliness, remember, you are never alone.  Your soul is a beautiful part of the Divine Unity, the Source, and the Creator God!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,

Archangel Micah

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