Friday, November 11, 2011

Archangel Micah Channeling 11-11-11

Open your hearts to the unrestrained energy of love.  Quiet your minds to hear the symphony of magnificent musical harmony which resonates from the 11-11-11 vibrational shift.  Acknowledge and honor these adjustments as you revel in the beauty of these transferals into higher consciousness.
The souls of mankind will begin to gather together in celebration.  Watch the children as they gently guide you to delve deep into your souls and grasp the memory of innocence.  As this innocence emerges, this will assist to quell the dark nights of the souls from sometimes painful pasts.  The souls who have endured such pain brought on by those whose energy vibrates in unison with lower level entities, will be healed and comforted while basking in the portals of these vibrational shifts.
We must rejoice in the harmonic convergence of 11-11-11 as vast portals of higher dimensions open to those who choose to see.  As these perfectly timed portals magnify, this activates opportunities for growth to even more of the masses.  Focus the expansion of your awareness towards unconditional love, vibrational creations of communities, peace, harmony, and a perfectly woven thread which spins your souls together towards Unity.
Please know my dear children, the souls of those who do not vibrate to the tunes of Divine Consciousness or decide not to open their eyes to see the clarity of our Creator’s pure Light, will slowly be removed from your fields of energy.  Like minds will gather together and focus on manifesting for ALL.  Follow your hearts to the beats and sounds of glorious drumming, which will guide you home to your sacred soul groups.
Peace, Love, and Harmony,
Archangel Micah

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  1. A very good and uplifting message, Jill..
    Thanks for posting it..