Friday, May 13, 2011


The flooding that Louisiana is going to experience is causing me great concern.  At the beginning of January this year, I predicted a type of tsunami event on Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans.  I have also had a vision of a New Orleans earthquake. 

I have received some new information regarding this area that I would like to share in case people can be warned in advance for more preparation.  I am going to list the areas below that I feel are in danger of flooding.

  • Baronne Street, Canal Street, and Lafayette Cemetery
  • St. Louis Cathedral, or a cathedral with a statue of a woman in or around it
  • South Side, a street with a "C" name
  • I see an area with a lighthouse which seems to have some issues
  • One of the baseball stadiums in New Orleans - feels like flooding will occur
  • I see major flooding in Monroe, Louisiana
  • An area with an "L" name, possibly Larose, Lafourche, or LaPalco
  • I see this flooding affecting areas with larger "mansion" type homes as well
  • There is a dam or levee with an "R" name or in a place with an "R" name that is going to see substantial flooding. Raceland, LA or the Red River Levee
I have also seen a vision of a Cantilever bridge collapsing.  One possibility is the Crescent City Connection Bridge over the Mississippi River.  I cannot get full clarity on whether this is tied into the flooding events or the earthquake event I have seen.  It would make more sense that this is tied to the earthquake I have seen for this area.  I saw cars falling into the river and it was a terrible vision to witness.  I am still shaken up over it. :( I am just praying that I am wrong on this.

I feel as if Lake Pontchartrain is going to experience something that will not be expected.  I am worried about the levee system not holding again. I "see" so much instability surrounding these areas. I fear New Orleans is going to go through severe flooding once again. :( Again, I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Sending prayers of protection.

Love and Light,


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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I am praying you are wrong!! I am from Raceland, La. You really scared me because you mentioned Raceland, La. We are a VERY SMALL community. So for you to pull Raceland, La like that is very disturbing.