Friday, May 13, 2011


Unfortunately, I see a damaging earthquake on the way in the next week.  This one is in the Ring of Fire, and is either a water related quake with possible tsunami or injuries/loss of life :(

The areas of concern I have are: west coast of the United States, a possibility of Southern California, Hawaii, or Japan. The west coast of South America, maybe Chili is of concern as well.  

My left ear tones, vertigo, and extreme nausea over the last several days are really forcing me to pay attention to what we are going to experience.  Prayers sent to minimize the damage.

Love and Light,


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  1. Jill,
    I am definitely with you on this one. I have been suffering immensely with symptoms that far exceed the ones I had prior to the Japan 8.9. I'm not sure if it's because it will hit closer to home (US) or if it's because it will be so massive. I even posted a warning on my facebook, which I never do. Prayers of peace and protection being sent out.