Friday, May 13, 2011


The flooding that Louisiana is going to experience is causing me great concern.  At the beginning of January this year, I predicted a type of tsunami event on Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans.  I have also had a vision of a New Orleans earthquake. 

I have received some new information regarding this area that I would like to share in case people can be warned in advance for more preparation.  I am going to list the areas below that I feel are in danger of flooding.

  • Baronne Street, Canal Street, and Lafayette Cemetery
  • St. Louis Cathedral, or a cathedral with a statue of a woman in or around it
  • South Side, a street with a "C" name
  • I see an area with a lighthouse which seems to have some issues
  • One of the baseball stadiums in New Orleans - feels like flooding will occur
  • I see major flooding in Monroe, Louisiana
  • An area with an "L" name, possibly Larose, Lafourche, or LaPalco
  • I see this flooding affecting areas with larger "mansion" type homes as well
  • There is a dam or levee with an "R" name or in a place with an "R" name that is going to see substantial flooding. Raceland, LA or the Red River Levee
I have also seen a vision of a Cantilever bridge collapsing.  One possibility is the Crescent City Connection Bridge over the Mississippi River.  I cannot get full clarity on whether this is tied into the flooding events or the earthquake event I have seen.  It would make more sense that this is tied to the earthquake I have seen for this area.  I saw cars falling into the river and it was a terrible vision to witness.  I am still shaken up over it. :( I am just praying that I am wrong on this.

I feel as if Lake Pontchartrain is going to experience something that will not be expected.  I am worried about the levee system not holding again. I "see" so much instability surrounding these areas. I fear New Orleans is going to go through severe flooding once again. :( Again, I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Sending prayers of protection.

Love and Light,



Unfortunately, I see a damaging earthquake on the way in the next week.  This one is in the Ring of Fire, and is either a water related quake with possible tsunami or injuries/loss of life :(

The areas of concern I have are: west coast of the United States, a possibility of Southern California, Hawaii, or Japan. The west coast of South America, maybe Chili is of concern as well.  

My left ear tones, vertigo, and extreme nausea over the last several days are really forcing me to pay attention to what we are going to experience.  Prayers sent to minimize the damage.

Love and Light,


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

South Pacific Earthquake larger than a 6.2

As I predicted in my Newsletter sent out on May 3rd, a magnitude quake of 7.1 hit the Loyalty Islands today.  My prediction was for a quake with a magnitude greater than 6.2 would hit in the next week or so in the Ring of Fire, South Pacific Ocean, and had "heard" New Zealand as a possible area.  The 7.1 which hit today in the South Pacific was a little north of New Zealand around the area of Tonga.

Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries.

This area continues to be a zone of instability according to my guides.  There is underwater plate movement which is affecting many places in the South Pacific, including Japan, Tonga, New Zealand, and Australia.

Prayers sent to these areas.

Love and Light,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Archangel Micah Channeling May 3, 2011

Blessings, my dear ones! It is now beholden unto us, all the Archangels and Ascended Masters in the heavenly realms, to offer comfort and guidance as the Earth changes are upon us. Not only the earth changes as you see them manifest in the physical, in the form of natural disasters, but Earth changes exposing the minds of the masses to the realization that they have been so taken advantage of for so long by those in power.  God, our Creator, gave each of you free will to grow and learn in order to advance each person’s soul development. Unfortunately, too many of those inhabiting your Earth Mother today are filled with dark, negative, ego driven energy, which manifests itself into such an ugly morphed human.
It is imperative during these changing times on your Planet Earth, that each of you awaken to your highest potential.  Each of you, my loved ones reading my words, has chosen this incarnation on Planet Earth not only to ascend yourselves, but to assist your planet into Her ascension from the 3D reality into the 5D reality. It is time, for all of God’s children to band together, join hands, and stand side by side in pride and unity. Fear not, these grand changes. You are each offered protection from all the angels, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters, for you have awoken!  I ask each of you to remember your true selves as you continue to evolve awaken and embrace your soul’s purpose during these critical times in your destiny and your planet’s destiny.
Meditate on and ponder the great Buffalo.  The Buffalo teaches that each person must walk a sacred path, always dropping into remembrance that nothing will be achieved without assistance from our Creator, the Great Spirit. Buffalo reminds you to respect and honor all living things as they were also manifested in our Creator’s image.  Remember to treat the four-legged, the winged ones, the creepy crawlies, and the ones who swim as you would want to be treated.  They wish to live among you in harmony and peace.  They each have so much to teach and share.  Open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear, and open your mouths to speak to these amazing animals! Buffalo also reminds you to respect the land.  Offer gratitude to the gifts and abundance of the land, never taking more than your share.  The Buffalo tells us this will be the way of the New Earth!  Each person will leave behind the fear of lack or need.  Each person will offer prayers of thanks to the blessings given from your Earth Mother. Each of you will show courage and respect by leaving enough for each brother and sister inhabiting the Earth, so there will never be anyone who goes without.  Buffalo brings you strength in character, and reminds you to continue establishing your deep connection to Mother Earth.
See how you can mimic this remarkable animal in your own lives.  You have so much to learn from the animal kingdom.  Watch, listen, and learn my dear ones. The time for the weak and feeble is no more.  It is time for each of you to stand proud, join your brothers and sisters in Unity, and speak your truth!  Speak your truth loud and clear!
Set sail. Ride the waves of change.  The good people of the Earth will prevail!  The wind of change will manifest her powerful gusts towards the New Age of Peace and Enlightenment. Are you ready to embark on this amazing journey?  Close your eyes as you imagine your voyage, this extraordinary voyage towards the New Earth of Peace and Enlightenment, smiling as you leave behind the Old Earth on the distant shores of your past. Breathe in the beauty of the ocean, as you fill up with faith, faith in your Creator, faith in yourself, faith in your fellow like-minded souls, and faith in your beautiful resilient Earth Mother as she prepares herself to offer up her lasting abundance in complete undulating unconditional love for you, her children. 
Release all fear, release any anger, and release those feelings of sadness as you prepare yourselves for the life changing moments which you will experience in the coming months. These moments will define you and reform you.  Know in your hearts, you are never alone. Celebrate and rejoice in the knowledge that the New Age of Peace and Enlightenment is near!
Peace, Love and Harmony,
Archangel Micah