Saturday, April 9, 2011

2 Large Earthquakes Very Soon

I had a couple of day’s relief with no ear tones, dizziness, or nausea J
Unfortunately, the symptoms are back in full force today L
Early morning I was hit with a very loud shrill type tone in my right ear that lasted a long time.  My extreme nausea and dizziness are back full force. I will try and get more clarity as to the location of the quake I’m feeling.  This particular one is not in the Ring of Fire.
This afternoon I was hit by void ear tones which were quite strong. This one does represent the Ring of Fire.
Japan had a 6.1 quake this morning that hit off the Southern Coast which is not a good sign.  This is not the quake which brought my symptoms back, though.
To sum up, there seems to be 2 large quakes that are going to hit this week. L
I ask any of you who are also getting more symptoms to please post them.
Prayers sent for strength and courage for those who will be affected by this.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Orleans Earthquake???

I had a very vivid dream vision last night.  I was in Mississippi and experienced a huge jolt that was quite strong.  As I was going to the computer to see what it was, someone told me that New Orleans just had a 6.2 magnitude earthquake! I am concerned this may tie into my Lake Pontchartrain prediction on my 2011 prediction list....

Hopefully, I am wrong on this one and it was just a dream.  I felt compelled to post it as it came through so vivid. :(

We have not even begun to see the affects from the Gulf Oil Spill.  It has jarred the plates in this region, and the government and BP have not disclosed the total effect this had.  I see the pressure building.  We have also not seen the entire effect this has had on our ecology in that area.  It is imperative that we stop drilling into Mother Earth's deep core.  Unfortunately, big Oil and greed will not stop, so many will suffer from this. :(

Prayers sent out to minimize these events.

Love and Light,


Friday, April 1, 2011

Archangel Micah Channeling

Archangel Micah
April 1, 2011
Be still. Listen to the silence.  Quiet your mind and become aware.  Feel your energetic vibrations attach to our Earth Mother.  Enjoy this temporary peace, as Mother Earth’s birthing pains are about to begin again. She welcomes these changes.  Mother Earth is out of balance. She asks each of you to visualize Her vibrating and spinning in perfect balance and perfect harmony. Oh, how great this feels to Her!  As any Mother, she welcomes these intense arduous labor pains as she knows what she will eventually hold is each one of you, her amazing children, in her protective arms, hugging you, caressing you, and providing for you in Divine Abundance!
As our Earth Mother navigates through these tough changes, She asks each of you to find yourselves, listen deeply to the innermost thoughts of your soul. Call in your Spirit Guides and your Angels.  Ask each of them to surround you with Divine Love, Divine Truth, and Divine Guidance.  Divine Guidance which will lead you to where you are supposed to be.  Many of you will be called to relocate.  Many of you will be let to co-ops and communities of like minds.  Ask Spirit to freely bring the information to you.  Blessed ones have no fear, have no stress.  Have Faith that Spirit will pave the path for you, leading the way for you to join the 5th dimension of our New Earth!
Communities will form which will include those of like minds who will give and take freely and effortlessly.  Organic food will be grown and shared.  Each person will instinctively know the part they will play to connect the community one to another with no ego involved.  These communities will know not Greed.  The community which is a form of energy unto itself will vibrate with an energy flow that is so bright each of you will glow and revel in the face of Divinity!
If Spirit leads you to remain where you currently reside, listen and begin preparations with your family, friends, and neighbors.  Neighbors will band together in Harmony.  Trust in this, my children.
As the great Eagle spreads its wings in flight, each of you will learn to soar, soar to greater heights than you have ever experienced!  Join the Eagle in his quest to rise above the turmoil, the loss, the sadness, and the strife of the Old Earth coming to an end of this cycle.  Shape Shift to become one with the Eagle.  Eagle teaches you to rise up in Faith as Eagle brings illumination and connects us to the Great Spirit!
Join the Dolphin as they give thanks to our Mother Earth for providing us such beauty and giving so freely of Herself.  Join the dolphins as you offer appreciation for our dear Earth Mother enduring so much, steadily pushing forward to hold on, until she cannot hold on any more.  Join the Dolphin as they teach us of the importance of the ebb and flow of life!
Join the Rabbit as the Rabbit teaches what he has learned from the Turtle.  Slow and steady is the way.  Rabbit teaches us to move through fear, open our minds to inner messages and to wait patiently as our Universe begins movement once again to the New. 
Open your arms to the wisdom of the Collective Consciousness.  Rejoice!  Rejoice as you say a final goodbye to the Old and welcome in the New!  The gifts from our Earth Mother and the New Earth will shower us with great abundance!
Archangel Micah