Friday, November 11, 2011

Archangel Micah Channeling 11-11-11

Open your hearts to the unrestrained energy of love.  Quiet your minds to hear the symphony of magnificent musical harmony which resonates from the 11-11-11 vibrational shift.  Acknowledge and honor these adjustments as you revel in the beauty of these transferals into higher consciousness.
The souls of mankind will begin to gather together in celebration.  Watch the children as they gently guide you to delve deep into your souls and grasp the memory of innocence.  As this innocence emerges, this will assist to quell the dark nights of the souls from sometimes painful pasts.  The souls who have endured such pain brought on by those whose energy vibrates in unison with lower level entities, will be healed and comforted while basking in the portals of these vibrational shifts.
We must rejoice in the harmonic convergence of 11-11-11 as vast portals of higher dimensions open to those who choose to see.  As these perfectly timed portals magnify, this activates opportunities for growth to even more of the masses.  Focus the expansion of your awareness towards unconditional love, vibrational creations of communities, peace, harmony, and a perfectly woven thread which spins your souls together towards Unity.
Please know my dear children, the souls of those who do not vibrate to the tunes of Divine Consciousness or decide not to open their eyes to see the clarity of our Creator’s pure Light, will slowly be removed from your fields of energy.  Like minds will gather together and focus on manifesting for ALL.  Follow your hearts to the beats and sounds of glorious drumming, which will guide you home to your sacred soul groups.
Peace, Love, and Harmony,
Archangel Micah

Monday, October 31, 2011

Channeling from Sasha

I have always known my female guide's name started with an "S".  When I booked my 1st orthopedic massage with Kate Hawkins in Ojai, California, I had no idea I would be blessed with such an amazing healer and medium!  During my session, Kate told me there was a female energy in the room named Sasha and there was a tie to England.  My guide had finally introduced herself fully to me through Kate!  People have always asked me if I am from England.  It's ironic as not only have I never been there, but I am from the South, with a Southern accent.  When Kate explained that Sasha was tied to England, everything fell into place. :)  I would like to share my 1st channeled message from Sasha.

The time is now. The time is near.  Gather together in peace. Beware false prophets. Knowledge is a key element. Open your minds to the chambers of truth.  Through the great floods comes a cleansing for mankind. The Rings of Jupiter spin to allow hidden truths to be revealed.

Through the corridors of time, enlightenment takes many forms.  Tides turn in directions not seen.  Revel in these changes.  Your breath will change.  The air you breathe condenses to a form only noticeable by some.  Others will continue to breathe the air of pollution, the air of corruption, and the air of austerity.
Beware the Global leader will be assassinated.  Pay attention to the Ides of Saint March.
Humanity suffers.  These corrigible acts of greed must be purged.  As mass consciousness desires to expand, there are those who fight this flow with the very essence of the dark soul.  The split must come.  The great divide is upon us.  Humanity’s mission must accelerate through time and space not yet evolved from this dimension.
There are those who will shift towards higher dimensions unknown to many.  The current reality of this dimension is a fa├žade.  Vast portals will begin opening to those who choose to see.  These portals offer a glimpse of what humanity is capable of delving into.  Each dimension offers opportunity for growth.  Open your energy to receive the new vibrations.  These new vibrations lift us higher.  Yearn to resonate with Christ Consciousness.  Your lights will shine brighter.  These bright lights of energy emanating from your souls will beacon a beam of light towards each other.  Unite.  Stand Strong.  Remember the Light always quells the dark.
Love and Light,

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Earthquake Alert!

I am unfortunately predicting a very large quake in the next week with a magnitude greater than a 6.8.  With my nausea and dizziness this signifies either a water related quake and/or loss of life. :(

I am predicting this in the Ring of Fire, and have felt such possible locations as Japan, New Zealand, or Australia.

Along with my earthquake symptoms my family and friends have also received loud left ear tones.

My prayers are sent to the location of this event.



Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am predicting a VERY large earthquake within the next week.  I am feeling as if this will be more than one earthquake.  My eartones are the LOUDEST eartones I have ever had. :( This earthquake feels like it's over a 6.5 in magnitude.

One of the quakes is definitely in the Ring of Fire and I am also asking the west coast to be on HIGH alert.

I am hearing an "S" name for one of the quake areas....



Friday, May 13, 2011


The flooding that Louisiana is going to experience is causing me great concern.  At the beginning of January this year, I predicted a type of tsunami event on Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans.  I have also had a vision of a New Orleans earthquake. 

I have received some new information regarding this area that I would like to share in case people can be warned in advance for more preparation.  I am going to list the areas below that I feel are in danger of flooding.

  • Baronne Street, Canal Street, and Lafayette Cemetery
  • St. Louis Cathedral, or a cathedral with a statue of a woman in or around it
  • South Side, a street with a "C" name
  • I see an area with a lighthouse which seems to have some issues
  • One of the baseball stadiums in New Orleans - feels like flooding will occur
  • I see major flooding in Monroe, Louisiana
  • An area with an "L" name, possibly Larose, Lafourche, or LaPalco
  • I see this flooding affecting areas with larger "mansion" type homes as well
  • There is a dam or levee with an "R" name or in a place with an "R" name that is going to see substantial flooding. Raceland, LA or the Red River Levee
I have also seen a vision of a Cantilever bridge collapsing.  One possibility is the Crescent City Connection Bridge over the Mississippi River.  I cannot get full clarity on whether this is tied into the flooding events or the earthquake event I have seen.  It would make more sense that this is tied to the earthquake I have seen for this area.  I saw cars falling into the river and it was a terrible vision to witness.  I am still shaken up over it. :( I am just praying that I am wrong on this.

I feel as if Lake Pontchartrain is going to experience something that will not be expected.  I am worried about the levee system not holding again. I "see" so much instability surrounding these areas. I fear New Orleans is going to go through severe flooding once again. :( Again, I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Sending prayers of protection.

Love and Light,



Unfortunately, I see a damaging earthquake on the way in the next week.  This one is in the Ring of Fire, and is either a water related quake with possible tsunami or injuries/loss of life :(

The areas of concern I have are: west coast of the United States, a possibility of Southern California, Hawaii, or Japan. The west coast of South America, maybe Chili is of concern as well.  

My left ear tones, vertigo, and extreme nausea over the last several days are really forcing me to pay attention to what we are going to experience.  Prayers sent to minimize the damage.

Love and Light,


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

South Pacific Earthquake larger than a 6.2

As I predicted in my Newsletter sent out on May 3rd, a magnitude quake of 7.1 hit the Loyalty Islands today.  My prediction was for a quake with a magnitude greater than 6.2 would hit in the next week or so in the Ring of Fire, South Pacific Ocean, and had "heard" New Zealand as a possible area.  The 7.1 which hit today in the South Pacific was a little north of New Zealand around the area of Tonga.

Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries.

This area continues to be a zone of instability according to my guides.  There is underwater plate movement which is affecting many places in the South Pacific, including Japan, Tonga, New Zealand, and Australia.

Prayers sent to these areas.

Love and Light,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Archangel Micah Channeling May 3, 2011

Blessings, my dear ones! It is now beholden unto us, all the Archangels and Ascended Masters in the heavenly realms, to offer comfort and guidance as the Earth changes are upon us. Not only the earth changes as you see them manifest in the physical, in the form of natural disasters, but Earth changes exposing the minds of the masses to the realization that they have been so taken advantage of for so long by those in power.  God, our Creator, gave each of you free will to grow and learn in order to advance each person’s soul development. Unfortunately, too many of those inhabiting your Earth Mother today are filled with dark, negative, ego driven energy, which manifests itself into such an ugly morphed human.
It is imperative during these changing times on your Planet Earth, that each of you awaken to your highest potential.  Each of you, my loved ones reading my words, has chosen this incarnation on Planet Earth not only to ascend yourselves, but to assist your planet into Her ascension from the 3D reality into the 5D reality. It is time, for all of God’s children to band together, join hands, and stand side by side in pride and unity. Fear not, these grand changes. You are each offered protection from all the angels, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters, for you have awoken!  I ask each of you to remember your true selves as you continue to evolve awaken and embrace your soul’s purpose during these critical times in your destiny and your planet’s destiny.
Meditate on and ponder the great Buffalo.  The Buffalo teaches that each person must walk a sacred path, always dropping into remembrance that nothing will be achieved without assistance from our Creator, the Great Spirit. Buffalo reminds you to respect and honor all living things as they were also manifested in our Creator’s image.  Remember to treat the four-legged, the winged ones, the creepy crawlies, and the ones who swim as you would want to be treated.  They wish to live among you in harmony and peace.  They each have so much to teach and share.  Open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear, and open your mouths to speak to these amazing animals! Buffalo also reminds you to respect the land.  Offer gratitude to the gifts and abundance of the land, never taking more than your share.  The Buffalo tells us this will be the way of the New Earth!  Each person will leave behind the fear of lack or need.  Each person will offer prayers of thanks to the blessings given from your Earth Mother. Each of you will show courage and respect by leaving enough for each brother and sister inhabiting the Earth, so there will never be anyone who goes without.  Buffalo brings you strength in character, and reminds you to continue establishing your deep connection to Mother Earth.
See how you can mimic this remarkable animal in your own lives.  You have so much to learn from the animal kingdom.  Watch, listen, and learn my dear ones. The time for the weak and feeble is no more.  It is time for each of you to stand proud, join your brothers and sisters in Unity, and speak your truth!  Speak your truth loud and clear!
Set sail. Ride the waves of change.  The good people of the Earth will prevail!  The wind of change will manifest her powerful gusts towards the New Age of Peace and Enlightenment. Are you ready to embark on this amazing journey?  Close your eyes as you imagine your voyage, this extraordinary voyage towards the New Earth of Peace and Enlightenment, smiling as you leave behind the Old Earth on the distant shores of your past. Breathe in the beauty of the ocean, as you fill up with faith, faith in your Creator, faith in yourself, faith in your fellow like-minded souls, and faith in your beautiful resilient Earth Mother as she prepares herself to offer up her lasting abundance in complete undulating unconditional love for you, her children. 
Release all fear, release any anger, and release those feelings of sadness as you prepare yourselves for the life changing moments which you will experience in the coming months. These moments will define you and reform you.  Know in your hearts, you are never alone. Celebrate and rejoice in the knowledge that the New Age of Peace and Enlightenment is near!
Peace, Love and Harmony,
Archangel Micah

Saturday, April 9, 2011

2 Large Earthquakes Very Soon

I had a couple of day’s relief with no ear tones, dizziness, or nausea J
Unfortunately, the symptoms are back in full force today L
Early morning I was hit with a very loud shrill type tone in my right ear that lasted a long time.  My extreme nausea and dizziness are back full force. I will try and get more clarity as to the location of the quake I’m feeling.  This particular one is not in the Ring of Fire.
This afternoon I was hit by void ear tones which were quite strong. This one does represent the Ring of Fire.
Japan had a 6.1 quake this morning that hit off the Southern Coast which is not a good sign.  This is not the quake which brought my symptoms back, though.
To sum up, there seems to be 2 large quakes that are going to hit this week. L
I ask any of you who are also getting more symptoms to please post them.
Prayers sent for strength and courage for those who will be affected by this.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Orleans Earthquake???

I had a very vivid dream vision last night.  I was in Mississippi and experienced a huge jolt that was quite strong.  As I was going to the computer to see what it was, someone told me that New Orleans just had a 6.2 magnitude earthquake! I am concerned this may tie into my Lake Pontchartrain prediction on my 2011 prediction list....

Hopefully, I am wrong on this one and it was just a dream.  I felt compelled to post it as it came through so vivid. :(

We have not even begun to see the affects from the Gulf Oil Spill.  It has jarred the plates in this region, and the government and BP have not disclosed the total effect this had.  I see the pressure building.  We have also not seen the entire effect this has had on our ecology in that area.  It is imperative that we stop drilling into Mother Earth's deep core.  Unfortunately, big Oil and greed will not stop, so many will suffer from this. :(

Prayers sent out to minimize these events.

Love and Light,


Friday, April 1, 2011

Archangel Micah Channeling

Archangel Micah
April 1, 2011
Be still. Listen to the silence.  Quiet your mind and become aware.  Feel your energetic vibrations attach to our Earth Mother.  Enjoy this temporary peace, as Mother Earth’s birthing pains are about to begin again. She welcomes these changes.  Mother Earth is out of balance. She asks each of you to visualize Her vibrating and spinning in perfect balance and perfect harmony. Oh, how great this feels to Her!  As any Mother, she welcomes these intense arduous labor pains as she knows what she will eventually hold is each one of you, her amazing children, in her protective arms, hugging you, caressing you, and providing for you in Divine Abundance!
As our Earth Mother navigates through these tough changes, She asks each of you to find yourselves, listen deeply to the innermost thoughts of your soul. Call in your Spirit Guides and your Angels.  Ask each of them to surround you with Divine Love, Divine Truth, and Divine Guidance.  Divine Guidance which will lead you to where you are supposed to be.  Many of you will be called to relocate.  Many of you will be let to co-ops and communities of like minds.  Ask Spirit to freely bring the information to you.  Blessed ones have no fear, have no stress.  Have Faith that Spirit will pave the path for you, leading the way for you to join the 5th dimension of our New Earth!
Communities will form which will include those of like minds who will give and take freely and effortlessly.  Organic food will be grown and shared.  Each person will instinctively know the part they will play to connect the community one to another with no ego involved.  These communities will know not Greed.  The community which is a form of energy unto itself will vibrate with an energy flow that is so bright each of you will glow and revel in the face of Divinity!
If Spirit leads you to remain where you currently reside, listen and begin preparations with your family, friends, and neighbors.  Neighbors will band together in Harmony.  Trust in this, my children.
As the great Eagle spreads its wings in flight, each of you will learn to soar, soar to greater heights than you have ever experienced!  Join the Eagle in his quest to rise above the turmoil, the loss, the sadness, and the strife of the Old Earth coming to an end of this cycle.  Shape Shift to become one with the Eagle.  Eagle teaches you to rise up in Faith as Eagle brings illumination and connects us to the Great Spirit!
Join the Dolphin as they give thanks to our Mother Earth for providing us such beauty and giving so freely of Herself.  Join the dolphins as you offer appreciation for our dear Earth Mother enduring so much, steadily pushing forward to hold on, until she cannot hold on any more.  Join the Dolphin as they teach us of the importance of the ebb and flow of life!
Join the Rabbit as the Rabbit teaches what he has learned from the Turtle.  Slow and steady is the way.  Rabbit teaches us to move through fear, open our minds to inner messages and to wait patiently as our Universe begins movement once again to the New. 
Open your arms to the wisdom of the Collective Consciousness.  Rejoice!  Rejoice as you say a final goodbye to the Old and welcome in the New!  The gifts from our Earth Mother and the New Earth will shower us with great abundance!
Archangel Micah

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Earthquake over 6.0 and Tsunami

Unfortunately, I feel as if we are going to see another earthquake greater than a 6.0 along with a tsunami within the next week or so.

Prayers sent for this to be minimized.

Love and Light,


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monster Tornado

I wanted to post a vision I had of a monster tornado, perhaps a category 4 or 5.  This tornado seemed to be somewhere in the Midwest, and I "heard" Ohio, and/or somewhere with a "C" name.

I pray this vision does not come to fruition, but I'm asking people in these areas to be extra careful during the next couple of weeks.



Friday, March 25, 2011

A friend is Hungry. Please Help!

Hi Everyone,

It has come to my attention that a dear friend in Hot Springs, Arkansas has been without food for days and has had trouble with some of the local food banks.  It seems the food banks only issue meals on certain days.  She is now without gas money until April 3rd so she is unable to drive to the food banks in order to receive a small amount of food.  It seems our government feels like an income of $1797 a month combined for she and her husband is too much money to qualify for food stamps.

We have already had a very generous and loving soul wire her money for gas!  Now she will be able to drive to the Kroger and buy her food!

I have been working on setting something up since last night and after hours of phone calls to the 3 Walmarts in the area asking for assistance, I have been met with resistance and even rudeness.  I asked for a special override so that we could call in a debit or credit card number to purchase a store gift card for my friend. I was both disappointed and heartbroken that the employees of the local Walmarts did not have the desire to reach out and work with me.  After receiving this type of reaction from Walmart not to help one of their fellow residents, I have decided to work with a local grocery store.  I finally found a kind soul named Sherry at the local Kroger grocery store in Hot Springs who is willing to work with us. 

My friend is a woman of pride and would not be asking for help if she were not desperate and hungry.  I know we are each experiencing financial struggles with the current economy, however, I ask each of you to reach out even in a small way.  A donation as small as $10.00 from each person adds up, and hopefully some of you will be able to send much more! Unfortunately, these current changes our World is experiencing leads to more and more people needing help.  Each of us may be in this position one day and I hope and pray that if it's me, there will be kind generous souls who reach out to help.

There are three ways you can send money.  The first way is by going into a Western Union location and sending the money. The second way is by sending this money through Western Union online. The other option for those of you who personally know and trust me, is to log on to Pay Pal and click send money.  Type in my email address Please mark this as a gift so I can transfer this money to my friend tax free. At that time, I can send all the funds raised to the Western Union located at the Kroger in Hot Springs so my friend can pick it up.  I will email her and tell her who donated for her and in what dollar amount. Time is of utmost importance in this matter.  I am very hopeful that we will be able to have this complete by the end of the day today so she will have food for the weekend!

If you choose to use Western Union just send me an email and I will email you her name so you can send it for her. Make sure that on the message field you type "I request this money to be issued in the form of a store gift card." Also, if you are going to use my PayPal feel free to email me so I can give you the name of the woman you are helping!

Thank you in advance for your help and may God bless each of you!

Love and Light,

Jill Simmons

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Sadly, my prediction made on January 6th, 2011 has come to fruition as Elizabeth Taylor passed away today.

Elizabeth had a very full life and was able to experience so many things. 

Rest in Peace, Ms. Taylor.



Friday, March 18, 2011

Libya and the Middle East

We will be at war with Libya within days.  This is part of the dismantling of the Middle East through instability.

If you read my prediction from 2010 regarding this, the events are beginning to unfold as I saw them.

More and more countries are slowly breaking away from Israel.  Israel will react very soon with a bomb headed towards Iran.

Please have faith and know that these events must transpire to eventually acquire Peace and Enlightenment for all.  Send prayers of faith and courage to the Libyan "rebels" who have such courage to fight for their freedom and the freedom of their children.  God Speed and God Bless.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I recently predicted this Japan earthquake and a week before it happened "saw" large oceanic quakes on the way, which this Japan quake was off the coast of Japan.

Unfortunately, this is not over for the people of Japan.  There is another large event coming for Japan within the next weeks.  I feel that this is another earth related disaster.

The nuclear plant will continue it's meltdown and the radioactive waves will cause sickness and death for millions of the residents of Japan.  I do not see this economy recovering from this catastrophy.

I pray that the people of Japan are NOT listening to the authorities telling them that it's not as bad as some think.  It is.  They need to take every precaution available to protect their exposure to this radiation.

This event is within the group of the dominoe affect I have been speaking of for quite some time over on the prophecies site.

I will continue posting as I receive more detailed information regarding these disasters I see coming.

Please pray for all as we go through these unprecedented times.  The prayers need to ask for Faith to handle these earth changes.

Love and Blessings,


Monday, March 7, 2011

Large Oceanic Earthquake felt March 6, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday on The Shining Light radio show, I felt a large oceanic earthquake coming very soon.  A very large 6.5 earthquake hit several hours after the show in the South Sandwich Islands, which occurred in the ocean as I had seen.

Today, a very large 6.6 earthquake hit in the ocean surrounding the Solomon Islands.

Unfortunately, we are going to see larger more damaging quakes very soon.

Prayers sent to minimize this.



Friday, March 4, 2011

Radio Show Appearance

Hi Everyone,

I'm thrilled to announce that I will be a guest on Brenda's radio show, The Shining Light, this Sunday, March 6th from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST!  Please join us for an exciting afternoon of talks and readings! 

Make sure you sign up free with blog talk radio in order to listen to the show.  The link is listed below:

Love and Light,


Channelings from Archangel Micah 03/04/11

Good morning!  Listed below is today's message from Archangel Micah:

Archangel Micah
March 4, 2011
Blessings, my dear ones.  Your Earth Mother is crying in pain.  I invite you to tap into her beautiful essence, join with her as one, and feel the beat of her very soul. 
She has taken on man’s burdens for oh so long, standing strong, providing to each of you her fruits and her blessings.  She loves each of you so, she longs for the days where each of her children will cherish her, respect her, and honor her for the gifts and unconditional love she bestows upon you.  Please pray for her rebirth.  She needs understanding and prayer to assist her in these labor pains as she suffers to bring about the New Earth to all. 
She warns each of her children the cleansings must continue.  The earth changes taking place on a Global level will bring balance back to her as she prepares to begin her next journey with each of you.  Do not despair, my dear ones, each of you know your predestined path and will walk through these times with pride and faith.  Each of you, her dear children will join with her in this formation, this cleansing, this re-birth to enter into the new! Have no fear.  Those of you who remember and recognize that she is pure energy, pure love, and pure devotion to her children will be protected during these upcoming earth changes and upheavals.  Those who use her, punish, her, abuse her and profit from this tantamount of lashings will find their souls leading them to places for their next lessons and incarnations.  Mother Earth longs for the dawning of the New Age of Peace and Enlightenment where she smiles instead of cries with a perfect balance of pure energy providing once again for her children. 
Join hands in celebration of her endless beauty!  Praise her!  Commune with her!  Bind your soul with her soul, as you help her through these times with prayer and respect.  Teach those who will listen.  Rejoice as your leave the old and enter the new, the New Earth!
Archangel Micah

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining

I have just received a message from Spirit saying that Nebraska is going to join the "taking to the streets" protests occurring over the fight to end collective bargaining.  When I first predicted on January 6th that Congress would put forth bills trying to dismantle the Labor Unions, I was not exactly sure how these events would transpire.  I just knew when Spirit shared this with me, that we were looking at events that were going to be crucial markers for the upheavals that are coming our way.  The prediction even stated that people would be taking to the streets over this.  When this began with the Congress of Wisconsin, I knew that this was only the beginning.  It will be a domino affect, with many states to follow suit.

I strongly believe and I also predicted this in the beginning of January, that through all of this, more will be revealed regarding the secrets surrounding the Federal Reserve. This will also send people to the streets in protest.  These protests around the world are all tied together and are necessary to expose the greed and corruption.  No matter what political isle you sit on, or how you feel about this labor union issue, Spirit is asking you to pay attention to what's really fueling this behind the scenes. It will all be revealed as The Divine Plan unfolds.

I see Nebraska in the news regarding this very soon.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Madrid Earthquake

Spirit has been cautioning me of a New Madrid quake that is on it's way.  I have "heard" both the St. Louis area and the "Arkansas" area.  The current Arkansas quakes are not part of what I'm seeing.

As I've said for some time, the damage from the oil spill is far from over.  The affect this spill had on the Gulf Coast as well as the New Madrid is going to be mind boggling.  I "see" the New Madrid feeling great stresses right now.  I am saddened about the events that I see unfolding from all of this destruction of our Mother Earth.  She cannot continue to withstand the destruction of her very core.

For a while now, I have seen a one, two, three punch, a sort of domino affect. The quakes I am envisioning feel very large to me.  Prayers are needed for these areas.



Earthquake over 6.2 Ring of Fire

Hi all,

I have seen a very large earthquake on the way in the next week or so in the Ring of Fire area.  This quake seems to be larger than a 6.2, and from what I can see, feels destructive.

As I will also note on the New Madrid quake posts, the quakes coming are going to be sort of a domino effect.  It's like a one, two, three punch.  People will not be expecting these quakes in some areas, and will be caught off guard.

I pray for these damages to be minimized.



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome to Visions!

I'm so excited to start this blog so we may share messages with each other!

I have recently started receiving channeled messages from Archangel Micah, who is the keeper of the Akashic Records, The Book of Life. Archangel Micah watches over spiritual evolution and helps us to tap into God's Divine Plan, so that the steps given for each of our life's purpose will be revealed!  I will post new messages from Micah as I receive them! He is watching over us during the difficult challenges our World is facing at this time.



Message from 02/24/11:

Now that the new energy shift with Mother Earth is happening, we need each other more than ever.  Embrace yourself and others in the vibrating white light of love!  It is so very exciting that you are heading towards the New Age of Peace and Enlightenment.  Leave the ego at your doorstep as you embrace the Unity of the Collective Wisdom of Consciousness as it starts beaming and shining through!  These are very special times, so please know that you are all being carefully taken care of from those of us in the higher spiritual realms.  Be not afraid, my dear ones. These challenges and Earth vibratory changes are necessary to clear out the old energy of greed, corruption, and the ego driven mind of "self".  Once these changes are finalized, each of you will step into the New Earth with joyful anticipation, as Mother Earth holds us tightly in her embrace, once again, freely, openly, sharing Her beautiful resources with each of you.  Remember to keep the Faith and know that each of you are here now for a very special purpose!

In Love and Harmony,