Monday, May 7, 2012

Archangel Micah Channeling 05-07-12

Archangel Micah

May 5, 2012

Behold there are those who deceive like thieves in the night.  Begin your quest for knowledge.  Quench your thirst for answers in the great waters of your Earth Mother.  The lakes, oceans, streams and rivers house many answers.  Drink in the esoteric knowledge of serendipitous truth.

Ancient texts, artifacts, and lands will reveal themselves to you.  Go deep within and remember the mistakes of civilizations past.

Mother Earth needs balance.  There is discord in the rotation.  She yearns for the days of harmony in nature, peace among the people she has graciously allowed to inhabit her planet, and respect for all living creatures.

As you witness these great changes, choices will bestow upon you.  The grids become crossed.  Many portray themselves as prophets offering salvation.  Salvation is within, my dear ones. 

Division begins to multiply among the great lands.  People band together in groups unformed in years past.  Know thyself.  Remain calm and centered.  The truth lies deep within the core of your soul.

Those who remember their souls are part of the Divine Consciousness and will gather together and join hands as the vibration continues to shift from the 3D to higher dimensions. 

Do not despair as many souls choose to leave your Earth plane in masses.  Multitudes of souls arrived with these contracts, yet many will face confusion as the veils thin.  I call to all light workers to assist your brothers and sisters with remaining balanced.  Talk, teach, write, heal, and share your ancient wisdom with others.  Seek like minds and band together to raise the energetic vibration of your reality.  Light begets light.  Silently, watch and allow the dark forces to disintegrate around you.  The dark masses of soul matter will not be able to penetrate the higher dimensions.  As you draw closer to the shift, it will not be possible to occupy the same space as those of the dark.  Their very essence will repel every fiber of your being.  Learn to read the auric fields that surround each person.  It is now time to begin removing yourselves from energetic vibrations that do not resonate as your own.

Karma will begin to play out in advanced motions of time.  Rejoice as this unfolds!  Sing the choruses of love as you ascend together to dimensions of higher consciousness.  In times of loneliness, remember, you are never alone.  Your soul is a beautiful part of the Divine Unity, the Source, and the Creator God!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,

Archangel Micah

Friday, November 11, 2011

Archangel Micah Channeling 11-11-11

Open your hearts to the unrestrained energy of love.  Quiet your minds to hear the symphony of magnificent musical harmony which resonates from the 11-11-11 vibrational shift.  Acknowledge and honor these adjustments as you revel in the beauty of these transferals into higher consciousness.
The souls of mankind will begin to gather together in celebration.  Watch the children as they gently guide you to delve deep into your souls and grasp the memory of innocence.  As this innocence emerges, this will assist to quell the dark nights of the souls from sometimes painful pasts.  The souls who have endured such pain brought on by those whose energy vibrates in unison with lower level entities, will be healed and comforted while basking in the portals of these vibrational shifts.
We must rejoice in the harmonic convergence of 11-11-11 as vast portals of higher dimensions open to those who choose to see.  As these perfectly timed portals magnify, this activates opportunities for growth to even more of the masses.  Focus the expansion of your awareness towards unconditional love, vibrational creations of communities, peace, harmony, and a perfectly woven thread which spins your souls together towards Unity.
Please know my dear children, the souls of those who do not vibrate to the tunes of Divine Consciousness or decide not to open their eyes to see the clarity of our Creator’s pure Light, will slowly be removed from your fields of energy.  Like minds will gather together and focus on manifesting for ALL.  Follow your hearts to the beats and sounds of glorious drumming, which will guide you home to your sacred soul groups.
Peace, Love, and Harmony,
Archangel Micah

Monday, October 31, 2011

Channeling from Sasha

I have always known my female guide's name started with an "S".  When I booked my 1st orthopedic massage with Kate Hawkins in Ojai, California, I had no idea I would be blessed with such an amazing healer and medium!  During my session, Kate told me there was a female energy in the room named Sasha and there was a tie to England.  My guide had finally introduced herself fully to me through Kate!  People have always asked me if I am from England.  It's ironic as not only have I never been there, but I am from the South, with a Southern accent.  When Kate explained that Sasha was tied to England, everything fell into place. :)  I would like to share my 1st channeled message from Sasha.

The time is now. The time is near.  Gather together in peace. Beware false prophets. Knowledge is a key element. Open your minds to the chambers of truth.  Through the great floods comes a cleansing for mankind. The Rings of Jupiter spin to allow hidden truths to be revealed.

Through the corridors of time, enlightenment takes many forms.  Tides turn in directions not seen.  Revel in these changes.  Your breath will change.  The air you breathe condenses to a form only noticeable by some.  Others will continue to breathe the air of pollution, the air of corruption, and the air of austerity.
Beware the Global leader will be assassinated.  Pay attention to the Ides of Saint March.
Humanity suffers.  These corrigible acts of greed must be purged.  As mass consciousness desires to expand, there are those who fight this flow with the very essence of the dark soul.  The split must come.  The great divide is upon us.  Humanity’s mission must accelerate through time and space not yet evolved from this dimension.
There are those who will shift towards higher dimensions unknown to many.  The current reality of this dimension is a fa├žade.  Vast portals will begin opening to those who choose to see.  These portals offer a glimpse of what humanity is capable of delving into.  Each dimension offers opportunity for growth.  Open your energy to receive the new vibrations.  These new vibrations lift us higher.  Yearn to resonate with Christ Consciousness.  Your lights will shine brighter.  These bright lights of energy emanating from your souls will beacon a beam of light towards each other.  Unite.  Stand Strong.  Remember the Light always quells the dark.
Love and Light,

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Earthquake Alert!

I am unfortunately predicting a very large quake in the next week with a magnitude greater than a 6.8.  With my nausea and dizziness this signifies either a water related quake and/or loss of life. :(

I am predicting this in the Ring of Fire, and have felt such possible locations as Japan, New Zealand, or Australia.

Along with my earthquake symptoms my family and friends have also received loud left ear tones.

My prayers are sent to the location of this event.



Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am predicting a VERY large earthquake within the next week.  I am feeling as if this will be more than one earthquake.  My eartones are the LOUDEST eartones I have ever had. :( This earthquake feels like it's over a 6.5 in magnitude.

One of the quakes is definitely in the Ring of Fire and I am also asking the west coast to be on HIGH alert.

I am hearing an "S" name for one of the quake areas....



Friday, May 13, 2011


The flooding that Louisiana is going to experience is causing me great concern.  At the beginning of January this year, I predicted a type of tsunami event on Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans.  I have also had a vision of a New Orleans earthquake. 

I have received some new information regarding this area that I would like to share in case people can be warned in advance for more preparation.  I am going to list the areas below that I feel are in danger of flooding.

  • Baronne Street, Canal Street, and Lafayette Cemetery
  • St. Louis Cathedral, or a cathedral with a statue of a woman in or around it
  • South Side, a street with a "C" name
  • I see an area with a lighthouse which seems to have some issues
  • One of the baseball stadiums in New Orleans - feels like flooding will occur
  • I see major flooding in Monroe, Louisiana
  • An area with an "L" name, possibly Larose, Lafourche, or LaPalco
  • I see this flooding affecting areas with larger "mansion" type homes as well
  • There is a dam or levee with an "R" name or in a place with an "R" name that is going to see substantial flooding. Raceland, LA or the Red River Levee
I have also seen a vision of a Cantilever bridge collapsing.  One possibility is the Crescent City Connection Bridge over the Mississippi River.  I cannot get full clarity on whether this is tied into the flooding events or the earthquake event I have seen.  It would make more sense that this is tied to the earthquake I have seen for this area.  I saw cars falling into the river and it was a terrible vision to witness.  I am still shaken up over it. :( I am just praying that I am wrong on this.

I feel as if Lake Pontchartrain is going to experience something that will not be expected.  I am worried about the levee system not holding again. I "see" so much instability surrounding these areas. I fear New Orleans is going to go through severe flooding once again. :( Again, I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Sending prayers of protection.

Love and Light,



Unfortunately, I see a damaging earthquake on the way in the next week.  This one is in the Ring of Fire, and is either a water related quake with possible tsunami or injuries/loss of life :(

The areas of concern I have are: west coast of the United States, a possibility of Southern California, Hawaii, or Japan. The west coast of South America, maybe Chili is of concern as well.  

My left ear tones, vertigo, and extreme nausea over the last several days are really forcing me to pay attention to what we are going to experience.  Prayers sent to minimize the damage.

Love and Light,